Big Data Analytics Summer School

Take the opportunity to join this EIT Digital Academy summer course to learn how to turn ideas into business using the latest insights on new technologies. Do a deep dive in the area of digital infrastructure. Get to know the latest platforms, frameworks and algorithms for Big Data.

Our global interconnected world presents us with huge amounts of data, that is continuously being generated by countless devices and sensors. In order to extract knowledge and react on patterns hidden within this never-ending stream of Big Data, we have to rethink the way we process data at-rest and data in-motion.

In this course you will be familiar with the latest platforms, frameworks and algorithms for Big Data analytics, which will empower you to successfully address the challenges in their professional endeavors.

After completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Design a digital innovation business model for increased higher customer value and increased economic return
  • Identify and assess the impact of digital technologies and their transformative power
  • Understand user value, business life cycles, global market trends, industry value chains, market segments, IPR issues as well as financial and risk-related issues
  • Apply new acquired presentation and communications skills, decision-making and leadership competencies
  • Reflect on ethical, societal, scientific and sustainability views as a developer of new products, technologies and business models

Summerschool programme:
The first week of the course you will be introduced to the theory of the action lines by teachers from the academic and business world. It will be network activities and introduction to the cases for the business development assignment. You will be divided into teams and start to work on the ideation phase and will by the end of the week present a value proposition and a revenue model.

The second week you will continue with team work turning the business idea into a viable business plan with start-up strategy, marketing and financial planning. You and your team will present a business plan at the end of the week in a final pitch in front of a business panel.

To bring the participants up to the same level of the basic understanding of Innovation and Entrepreneurship topics, an online starter-kit will be sent out before entering the following Summer School 2018. Time estimated to complete the online kit is ~8 hours.

Practical information:
The format is a package of face-to-face practice, online preparations and presentations by researchers on Big Data analytics and platforms and corporate experts on business models.

You have the possibility to choose to participate only the first week or complete the full two-week course.

The course will be held between August 5 and August 18 at Bosön Conference site, Lidingö, Sweden. Hotel and travel arrangements is not included in the package.

The course is held entirely in english.

When you complete the course, you will receive a EIT Digital Academy Summer School certificate

You need to prepare an application letter, a photo, your CV and a copy of your passport. The application letter should contain a description of your entrepreneurial experience and motivation e.g. what you expect to learn (max 500 words).

Summer School fees:
Fee one week: €1.750
Fee two weeks: €2.450

20% discount for EIT Digital member companies
No VAT applied to the fee

Who Should attend:
Young professionals, first level managers, mid-managers or intrapreneurs within companies in all sectors.

Course Leader:
Sarunas Girdzijauskas, Associate Professor at the Software and Computer System (SCS) department, at KTH University.

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Genom att anmäla dig till en aktivitet inom Dataföreningen godkänner du hur föreningens verksamheter behandlar dina personuppgifter.

Eventet äger rum den

2018-08-05 (Hela dagen) till 2018-08-18 (Hela dagen)

Bosön Conference site, Lidingö

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